Is Alcohol-Free Wine Vegan? Plus 10 Of The Best To Try

Is Alcohol-Free Wine Vegan? Plus 10 Of The Best To Try

Everyone knows that wine is made from fermenting crushed grapes, so it would seem like a reasonable expectation that wine would be vegan. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Not all alcohol-free wines are vegan. Some wines use animal sourced ingredients during the latter stages of production making these unsuitable for vegans. However, there are a number of vegan alcohol-free wines on offer.

Here we have a look at what makes some wines non-vegan and the vegan friendly alternatives on offer, followed by 10 of the best vegan alcohol-free wines for you to try. 

Aren’t All Alcohol-Free Wines Vegan? 

If wine is made from fermenting grapes it would seem logical to think that would be vegan, after all, grapes are hardly derived from animal based products. However, modern wine goes through quite complicated production process and there are additional ingredients that are added along the way.

These include fining agents, which can often be derived from animal based products meaning the wine can no longer be labelled as vegan.

Examples of the type of animal based fining agents used include:

What do Fining Agents Do?

During the fermentation process, the wine can sometimes become hazy from a number of tiny particles in the wine.  These can make the wine less visually appealing and sometimes impacts the aroma of the wine, reducing its appeal to wine drinkers.

Fining agents are used to help filter out these particles in the wine, making wine more attractive when poured in a glass. In addition, the final aroma will be closer to the one desired by the winemaker.

Is Fining Needed in Alcohol-Free Wine? 

imperfections that are removed through the process of fining are not harmful and don’t need to be removed for safety reasons.  Instead, as the world is increasingly driven by aesthetics, the appearance of the wine can be especially important.

There is some dispute amongst winemakers on whether fining is good for the wine as the process can impact the flavour and texture of the wine. If left long enough in good conditions, most wines will reach the same clarity.  However, using fining agent speeds up the process and saves producers time and money.

As long as people liked clear wines without any haziness, it's unlikely that fining will be removed from the process anytime soon.  However, it may be that attitudes change in the future, in the same way is unfiltered lager has become popular in recent times.

Why Not Vegan?

The purpose of the fining agents is to allow the imperfections within the white enter attached to them and make them larger molecules which makes it easier to be filtered. With the filtering process these fining agents are then removed from the wine, but despite the best efforts to remove all of the fining agents, it's impossible to remove them completely. This leaves trace amounts of these fining agents within the wine so the wine cannot be labelled as vegan.

It's worth bearing in mind that these fining agents won't always be specifically listed within the ingredients on the label of the wine. However, if the fining agents used are derived from animal products that contain allergens, the allergens must be included the white label due to labelling laws for allergens.

How do they make Vegan Alcohol-Free Wine?

There are two different approaches to making vegan alcohol-free wine. The first is simply not putting the wine through the fining process. By not doing this, animal based fining agents don't need to be added to the wine, keeping the alcohol-free wine vegan. These wines will often be labelled as unfined or unfiltered.

The other option opened to winemakers is to use non animal based fining agents to filter the wine. By doing this, they are able to keep the wine free of animal based products and can label the wine as vegan.  

Some examples of the types of vegan friendly fining agents used are:

  • Carbon
  • Bentonite clay
  • Limestone
  • Kaolin clay
  • Plant casein
  • Silica gel
  • Vegetable plaques

This is good news for vegan wine lovers, as it means there’s an increasing number of vegan wines on offer.  Even better, this trend is carrying over into the alcohol-free wine market, with a growing number of alcohol-free vegan wines now on offer.

Best 10 Vegan Alcohol-Free Wines to Try

I've been through our range of alcohol-free wines and picked out ten of the best vegan friendly alcohol-free wines to help you choose the best for you.

White Wines

Red Wine

Rose Wine

Going Alcohol-Free & Vegan – It’s Easy!

With so many great alcohol-free wines on offer that are also vegan, it's never been easier to quit alcohol and animal based products. With both the alcohol-free and vegan markets dramatically increasing in recent years, the number of alcohol-free wines on offer will continue to grow making it ever easier to find exciting vegan alcohol-free wines.

Try Vegan Alcohol-Free Wines Today

With so many exceptional vegan alcohol-free wines on offer, why not try some today.  With red, white and rose, sparkling or non-sparkling, you’re sure to find a new favourite wine to enjoy again and again.

Not sure where to start?  Why not try a few of our variety packs containing a number of different wines:

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