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There are some businesses that seem to grow slowly and steadily build from quiet beginnings whilst others explode into the market.  Drop Bear Beer is definitely one of the latter.  In a whirlwind 12 months the founders have gone from just having an idea to producing two unique alcohol free beers, chatting with MPs in Parliament and filming with the BBC.  Their year was rounded off being crowned as Young Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Wales Start Up Awards.

I caught up with Sarah McNena (one of the founders) to hear more about what living in this whirlwind has been like, the highs and lows they’ve experienced and their plans for the next 12 months.

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Last week, Eddy Dallas (one of the founders of Freestar) told us about the beginnings of Freestar and how passing the Guinness Test ensured great flavour, but took 20 months to perfect.

In Part 2, Eddy goes beyond the beer and talks all things Freestar.  We find out:

  • how they borrowed from the music industry to get the perfect branding
  • their proactive approach to corporate responsibility 
  • how the next beer from Freestar may not be a beer at all

So read on and find out about what the future looks like according to Freestar.

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Freestar is a new and exciting alcohol free beer.Going against the trend of big breweries who produce dealcoholised versions of existing brands, the creators of Freestar have gone back to the drawing board and designed a new way of brewing. The result is a drink that is packed full of flavour and guaranteed to be alcohol free.

We spoke with Eddy, one of the founders to find out more about the Freestar story.

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