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About The Beer

This traditional unfiltered lager from Lucky Saint has everything you’d want from a classic Bavarian brewed lager. 

Poured into the glass it develops a strong head that refuses to fade whist the beer itself is an unfiltered hazy straw colour.

The aroma is unmistakably from a high quality lager with a strong scent of hops complemented  with a slightly floral edge.

The 400 years of proud brewing heritage can literally be tasted as you take your first sip, with a beer that tastes just as good as it looks.  The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth and it’s luxurious feel is improved by the lack of carbonation that spoil too many lagers.  The rich flavours are equally rich with a soft fruitiness accompanied by a bitter hoppiness.

As you put your glass down, you’ll continue to enjoy the complex flavours in the slightly bitter after taste.

Serving Suggestion

It’s best served cold. 

About Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint was born from a mission by it’s founder Luke Boase to brew brewing a “non-alcoholic beer worth drinking”.  After trying and failing to brew to right beer with the first four brewers he worked with, he moved to Germany and dedicated over a year working towards his goal. 

Drinking non-alcoholic beer became his homework and eventually he found a brewer that shared his vision.  Together they worked for over a year until they developed the high quality alcohol free beer he’d been working towards.

All of that effort is reflected in the first sip of Lucky Saint Unfiltered Lager.  You can literally taste the dedication and effort within this fine beer.  It was definitely worth the effort Luke – well done!

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