Buy Low Calorie Alcohol Free Wine & Beer - All Under 50 Calories

A fine wine or great tasting beer for less than 50 calories?  "You must be deceiving us!" we hear you cry, but no, it's true.  You can enjoy a tasty tipple for less than 50 calories.

Low in Calories

Unlike their calorie laden alcoholic cousins, having going alcohol free makes some of your favourite drinks far lower in calories. 

This is because of the starch and sugars used to make these dirnks which results in the high calories content of alcohol - 7 calories a gram - which is almost the same as fat!

By removing the alcohol from a drink, you also remove a large number of these calories.

Other Health Benefits

The health benefits of alcohol free drinks are numerous.  These include, but aren't limited to:

So not only is going alcohol free great for your waistline, it's also great for your whole body! 

So pick your favourite and enjoy.