Running Club Scheme - Help Your Members Go Alcohol Free

Good Stuff Drinks was founded from a love of running and beer with an unwillingness to choose between alcohol or fitness (Read the full story on BadAss Mother Runners).  

From talking to other runners, we know people are struggling to find something great to drink while training for a big event.  That’s why I formed Good Stuff Drinks and why we’re now launching a new scheme to offer great benefits to running clubs and communities around the UK.

Benefits to Runners of Going Alcohol Free 

The NHS recommendation has now reduced to 14 units for both men and women so turning to alcohol free alternatives gives runner the chance to still enjoy their favourite tipple without any of the downsides of alcohol.  These include:

Benefits of Our Running Club Partnership

We’re looking to work with Running Clubs around the country in a number of ways:

Raise money for your club

With our affiliate scheme, you can raise money for your club by earning a 5% commission on the sales your club generates from your members.

Sign up to our affiliate scheme here.

Member Discounts

When signing up to our affiliate scheme, you’ll have the opportunity to offer your club members a 5% discount on our range of alcohol free drinks.

Promote Your Events

We can share news of your club races to our newsletter subscribers raising the profile of your events to a national audience.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions on how we can help your club and we’d be happy to discuss these further.  We’re always looking for new ideas to help promote grass root sports further.

Trade Discounts

We can also help out if you’ve got a clubhouse bar that needs stocking with great tasdting alcohol free drinks. We offer trade discounts to clubs and can work with you to curate the best selection of alcohol free drinks to keep your members re-hydrated and coming back for more.

Not a Running Club? 

We know not everyone is a runner and there’s a wide range of sports people take part in.  We’re happy to support all clubs and help find you the best drinks for your members.

Get in Touch

If you think we can help your club and your members, it would be great to get a few minutes of your time to talk about how we could work together to benefit both your club and members.  

Please email or call at 020 3290 7242 and we can discuss the opportunities further.