Black Tower Deliciously Light Low Alcohol White 0.5% - 6 Bottles

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About The Wine

Black Tower have turned their knowledge and experience in wine making to produce a fantastic range of alcohol free wines.

Their Deliciously Light White is fruity to taste with aromas of passion fruit, peach and orange. 

The wine is made following their traditional processes before a gentle process extracts the alcohol down to 0.5% abv without changing the delightful flavours.

Perfect for any mindful drinker at any occasion that wine is normally enjoyed e.g. weddings, parties and other social get-togethers.

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0-50 Calories 0.5% Black Tower Case White Wine Wine

Customer Reviews

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Tastes good, without the hang over.

I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I thought it tasted nice, especially cold, but not straight out the fridge.