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About The Beer

The Farmhouse Ale from Coast Beer Co is a full bodied beer with a strong amber colour with a creamy head that sits atop for a long time through drinking.

With an aroma of fruits, including tangerine and grapefruit that’s sweet and accompanies a maltiness that builds anticipations. Drinking the beer delivers a smooth luxurious feel as the beer settles on the tongue and delivers a tangy taste that’s both refreshing and leaves you wanting more. 


About COAST Bear Co

The Scottish company Coast Beer Co launched in 2019 with a manifesto to bring the craft beer revolution to the alcohol free market and remove “the tasteless, mass produced and down right nasty alcohol free beers of yesteryear”.  They’ve certainly delivered on their promise with two great beers; Hazy IPA and Farmhouse Ale.

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Nutritional Information





31 cal

102 cal


131 kjs

432 kjs


0.2 g

0.66 g

of which saturates

0.2 g

0.66 g


6.9 g

22.8 g

of which sugars

3.9 g

12.9 g


1 g

3.3 g


0.1 g

0.33 g



All-natural ingredients. Water, malted barley, yeast, hops.

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