Fortitude Esmeralda Tequila Beer 0.5% - 12/24 Bottles

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Fortitude bring you a unique beer that's completely different to anything else in the alcohol-free beer world - an alcohol-free beer infused with tequila!

This wonderful beer is light and golden, but hidden within is the kick of tequila flavour. Fortitude have teamed up with Mockingbird Spirit to carefully blend their tequila into this wonderful beer. You'll be left wondering how they pulled off this magic whilst keeping it under 0.5%.

Vegan and Gluten Free

No, Low & Alcohol Free

We get a variety of questions about drinking no and low alcohol drinks. For a start, they're called many different names no alcohol, non-alcoholic, low alcohol and alcohol free are the most popular ones.

We've pulled together some of our blogs and info pages here so you can find out more on drinks under 0.5% abv.

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