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About The Beer

UNLTD. brewed this lager with a goal of creating a low alcohol lager that’s packed with flavour without any of the downsides of alcohol. They certainly hit the mark!

It’s a lager with a wonderfully light aroma of citrus followed subtle flavours of caramel and honey finally finished with a delicate bitter taste.  It’s definitely a lager to be savoured.

With so much flavour you’d expect beer karma to hit you with a beer-belly inducing carb load, but incredibly, all this flavour is packed into a beer that’s only 23 calories a bottle.  Even better than that, they’ve managed to squeeze in a few vitamins including 10% of your RDI of vitamin B12.

Great tasting, low calories and a healthy dose of vitamins – there really is no excuse not to enjoy this beer again and again.  We should know - we have!


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About UNLTD. Beer Company

UNLTD. was born from founder Johnny’s love for beer, but missing the experience following going alcohol-free.  His frustration that he couldn’t find anything that that matched the beers he used to love resulted in him forming his Hertfordshire based brewery dedicated to brewing great tasting and healthy alcohol free beer.

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Nutritional Information





7 cal

23 cal

29 kjs

96 kjs


0 g

0 g

of which saturates

0 g

0 g


1.6 g

5.3 g

of which sugars

0.3 g

1 g


0.1 g

0.33 g


0.04 g

0.13 g



Water, Barley, Wheat, Oats, Maltodextrin, Hops, Yeast.

No, Low & Alcohol Free

We get a variety of questions about drinking no and low alcohol drinks.  For a start, they're called many different names - no alcohol, non-alcoholic, low alcohol and alcohol free are the most popular ones.

We've pulled together some of our blogs and info pages here so you can find out more on drinks under 0.5% abv.

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0-50 Calories 0.5% Beer Case Gluten Free Lager UNLTD. Vegan

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