The Very Cautious One Shiraz 0.0% - 6 Bottles

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About The Wine

The grapes for this wine are harvested when they show vibrant berry flavours and plush tannis.  They’re cooly fermented for 4-5 days before being gently pressed, maintaining the freshness and maximissing the fruitiness.

This red Shiraz from The Very Cautious One is vibrant with a lush berry fruit accompanied by a sweet vanillin oak and soft tannins giving a rich structure and warm flavours.

The wine is dealcohised using a process of distillation under vacuum allowing the alcohol to be removed at low temperature maximising the flavour and aroma kept in the wine.

Serving Suggestion

A wonderful accompaniment to your favourite lamb or beef dishes.

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Nutritional Information





18 cal

23 cal


75 kjs

94 kjs


0 g

0 g

of which saturates

0 g

0 g


4.5 g

5.6 g

of which sugars

4.5 g

5.6 g


0 g

0 g


0 g

0 g


No, Low & Alcohol Free

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0-50 Calories 0.0% Case Red Wine Shiraz Very Cautious One Wine

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deirdre Gannon
Great wine alternative

The best alcohol free red wine out there. You don’t miss the alcohol. At all. Rich, full-bodied, gorgeous.

janet heyes
The best so far.

I have tried several different low alcohol wines and so far this has been the best. It doesn't compare to a bottle with alcohol but not bad. I have found
I prefer it warmed up in the microwave

Lucy Devine
Surprisingly nice!

I think this is the best alcohol free red wine I've found - it's not actually like red wine, but it's not too sweet, and it has lots of flavour. It's kind of like big blackberryish Australian reds. It really helps to have something that goes in a wine glass, and that's nice at room temperature. Makes Autumn easier for non-drinkers!

Marie Mogford
Absolutely delicious !

I was so sorry I did not buy more! I only bought one box to give it a try. My mistake as it is now out of stock. Really can’t wait for it to available again.
I have to once again compliment your service . Free delivery, speedy and the website is so easy to use. Thank you.