Nutritional Information For Alcohol Free Drinks

To help you compare the drinks we stock, we’ve put together this useful table containing their nutritional information.  Where ever the drinks manufacturers have provided the nutritional information, we’ve added them to this table:

  • Energy – calories & kjs
  • Fat – total & saturated fat
  • Carbohydrates – total & sugars
  • Protein
  • Sodium
  • ABV

Unfortunately, not all drinks producers have full nutritional information on their bottles, hence there are a few gaps in the table.

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Fat – of which saturates
Carbs – of which sugars
Adnams Ghost ShipBeer2398<0.1<<0.10.50%
Belle & Co. Sparkling RoseWine2294n/an/a5.25.1n/an/a0%
Belle & Co. Sparkling WhiteWine2294n/an/a5.25.1n/an/a0%
Big Drop Brewing Co Citra IPABeer18.578.90.1<0.13.620.3<0.10.50%
Big Drop Brewing Co. LagerBeer11.850.
Big Drop Brewing Co. Pale AleBeer18.578.90.2<<0.10.50%
Big Drop Brewing Co. StoutBeer27.5115.50.3<<0.10.50%
Black Tower Deliciously Light Low Alcohol RoseWine2499<0.5<<0.5<0.010.50%
Black Tower Deliciously Light Low Alcohol WhiteWine26108<0.5<0.16.35<0.5<0.010.50%
Days Brewing LagerBeer22910.4<<0.10.00%
Days Brewing Pale AleBeer21910.3<<0.10.00%
Drop Bear Beer Co Bonfire StoutBeer21890.90.02320.290.003<0.5%
Drop Bear Beer Co New World LagerBeer7.530.<0.5%
Drop Bear Beer Co Tropical IPABeer6.526.
Drop Bear Beer Co Yuzu Pale AleBeer7.530.
Drynks Unlimited Smashed LagerBeer23003.13.10.300.00%
Drynks Unlimited Smashed CiderCider261085.
Ebony Vale Cabernet SauvignonWine22930.
Ebony Vale ChardonnayWine281170.50.16.860.50.010.05%
Erdinger Alkoholfrei IsotonicBeer25107<0.1<
Fortitude Esmeralda Tequila BeerBeer1032<0.1<
Fortitude Everyday LagerBeer11.950.5<0.1<
Fortitude Fresco Pale AleBeer
Freestar Premium Alcohol Free BeerBeer19820.
Jump Ship Flying Colours Pale AleBeer
Jump Ship Goosewing IPABeer
Jump Ship Yardarm LagerBeer12520.<0.10.50%
Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Non Alcoholic CiderCider381600.
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Non Alcoholic CiderCider411740.50.110100.50.010.01%
Krombacher PilsnerBeer271166.43.10
La Gioiosa Sparkling WineWine260.160.30.0130.00%
Lowlander 0.00% WitBeer28117<0.5<<0.2<0.10
Lucky Saint Unfiltered LagerBeer1670<0.1<0.13.5<0.10.6<0.010.50%
Magners ZeroCider2083<0.5<0.55.15<0.50.05n/a
Nirvana Brewery Bavarian Helles LagerBeer20<0.1<
Nirvana Brewery Classic IPABeer100.1<<0.10.50%
Nirvana Brewery Dark & Rich StoutBeer200.1<<0.10%
Nirvana Brewery Hoppy Pale AleBeer90.1<<0.10.50%
Nirvana Brewery Organic Pale AleBeer0.50%
Nirvana Brewery Traditional Pale AleBeer150.1<<0.10%
Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling ChardonnayWine142.92.90.00%
Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling RoseWine185.95.90.00%
Torres Natureo MuscatWine20853.63.60.00%
Torres Natureo RoseWine301264.74.70.00%
Torres Natureo SyrahWine321343.63.60.00%
UNLTD LagerBeer7291.
UNLTD. IPABeer1940.
Very Cautious One Gewürztraminer RieslingWine22945.65.60.00%
Very Cautious One ShirazWine18754.54.50.00%
Weston’s Stowford Press Low Alcohol CiderCider291226.56.50.50%

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