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Freestar is an award winning new alcohol free beer launched in 2019.  Freestar proudly proclaim they "put flavour first. And second. And third”.  They clearly succeeded as their reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and they won gold in the World Beer Awards.

Over 20 months was put into designing a brewing process that created the complex flavours without the need to boil away the alcohol.  The result was a beer that passed the founders Guinness Test and that they described as "bank-holiday-heatwave-grab-your-mates-and-hit-the-park delicious”.

With ingredients that include four different citrus fruits, it’s no surprise that citrus is the first flavour that hits you.  The bergamot provides the main flavour, but the others work well to complement and round off the taste.  Then as you take a moment to appreciate the drink, the perle hops come through giving Freestar a floral and savoury note.

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